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Living In Freedom Everyday

Women's LIFE Conference

The Women's LIFE Conference is hosted each year in June by one of our Issues of Life churches or one of our network churches. The women's conference is designed to help women unpack the issues of their lives through the application of God's Word. Through the conference teachings women are taught biblical truths to help them live in the liberty of Christ everyday.


Transforming Your Leadership Experience for Life

Experience Issues of Life Leadership Institute

Issues of Life Leadership Institute wants to provide communities around the world with healthy churches and well trained, fully-developed, highly regarded and God-fearing leaders. The Institute will be hosted twice a year at pre-selected venues and will consist of 7 learning modules to help leaders re-discover their creative role in ministry and in life. The Leadership Institute is composed of 5 key program components: Authentic Leadership (Building Character); Leadership Purpose (Clarifying your Calling); Leadership Practice (Building Capacity); Experiential Performance (Contextual Transformation) and Continued Growth (Commitment to Future Generations). We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world for the greater good.


Baltimore, Maryland

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